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A goal of KBF is to help a deserving student that in our minds, possess the same characteristics and zest for life that Kaeden did. With this fundamental goal in mind, we will continue to offer our scholarship at NLSS, awarding a $5000 award each year. This post secondary scholarship is a onetime award which must be used towards tuition and books at a post secondary institution.

To be eligible, students must complete an application which includes writing a personal essay describing why they should be a successful candidate and 2 letters of recommendation.

This scholarship is not necessarily looking for the highest scholastic achievements by the student, but for a person that embodies the zest for life that Kaeden did; his love of the outdoors, his sense of adventure and the genuine love that this “little man” gave to life.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations Mitchell Dortmans!

Mitchell, you exude the qualities of Kaeden with your zest for life, likability and being an all around great guy! Congrats to our 10th scholarship recipient of $5000. Welcome to the KBF family!

Past Scholarship Recipients