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KAEDEN….the name…the meaning…
“Wild goose, friend, fighter, handsome, little warrior” …
The 7 year old boy that was and still is…everything his name means and more.
The face…the smiles…the expressions…the love…the life, his life.
Our “little man, warrior, Wild Man, and Crazy 8, our friend, our Bud”
Kaeden, the boy who was all boy, a little rough and tumble, a little sass and sour and little cute and cuddly. He loved his Daddy’s tractor, his Mommy’s arms and giggles and laughter with his big sister, Campbell.

Loved to play in the dirt and push a pink buggy along railway ties to Grandma’s house.
Energy….lots of it!
Fearless….ready to try it!
Don’t hold him back or fence him in…
The boy who at 4 was popping a wheelie and pumping up flat tires on the golf cart, who was changing his flat tire with one from his sisters bike just so he could ride right now.
The boy who loved the feel of tools and a fishing rod in his hands, the wind in his hair out on a fishing boat and the speed beneath his feet in a pair of hockey skates out on the ice.
A farm boy through and through.  Riding in little orchard tractors or taking a ride with one of Daddy’s friends in a heavy equipment machine was all the same thrill to him.
He loved Snickers, the family dog, Spider-Man and snowmobiles.
Loved the trampoline and playing with trucks and tractors.  Whether it was a hockey puck, a golf ball or a basketball he was always taking shots.
Loved going north to ARCOCA, Cooper Lake…fishing, driving the boat, cliff jumping and playing games with family and friends.
He loved his big sister, Campbell, and jumping on his bike to meet his friends.
Shy and Silly
With an infectious laugh and a grin from ear to ear was present even when fallen in a fire pit of soot and ashes.
Always laughing and smiling
Loved the “Jamicans”,  the boys from Jamaica…playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline and teaching them how to shoot a puck and play hockey.
Made dreams come true, not only in completing our family but also in school and sports…winning the Bosanquet Central PS Hockey Reading challenge and MIP Tyke LL(most improved player)…realizing that effort put in was just as or more important than being the best.
All boy, bold, beautiful and beloved by so many.
We weep only for what we’ve lost…but we smile with joy and love in our hearts for all we’ve gained by the gift that was and is a 7 year old boy…Kaeden

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